My Life's To Do List

Plan a yearly Womens weekend 
- And one year Go to Hawaii with this group of girlfriends

Go to Australia with my family
-Meet the crocodile hunter (obviously I can't meet Steve Irwin anymore)
-Go to the Irwin family zoo in Queensland

Go see a marching band from a southern school in the USA

Get a tummy tuck

Own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes

Learn a dance or step routine with someone.

Go to Germany
-Do some family history work while I'm there

Write and perform a Stand up Comedy act
-Only mildly get heckled.

Be a brides maid/maid of honour for a friends wedding

Serve jury duty

Be an extra in a movie 

Run a marathon, or part of one

Become vegetarian (minus bacon)

Watch an Olympic event in person while wearing a big huge maple leaf

Learn to surf (or just try)

Try rock climbing again.... maybe

Serve a Humanitarian aid or Health care mission

Have silver hair

Get something from Tiffany's 

Have one of my funny stories published

Try SCUBA Diving

Go White water rafting

Learn to play chess

Play golf at midnight in the NWT where its dark for 2 hours in the summer.

Pack a bag and go to the airport and take the next random flight somewhere for the day or weekend.

Bury the hatchet with a few people I had conflict with once.

Watch an animal being born, or hatched.

Climb a tree with someone after having a picnic.

Join a baseball team again

Go back to Italy. Stay in Sperlonga and Fondi and take the train down to Naples. 

Go to NFR in Les Vegas.
Actually I would love to just go to to Vegas for any reason actually. 

Catch a lobster while in the East coast.

Make a cheese cake from scratch.

Learn to make Mozzarella cheese.

Spend a day with my Grandmother and cousins and learn to make perogies. 

I want to do something that absolutely terrifies me, but I want to do it because it matters to someone else and they invited me to join them.

Completed Bucket list items. 

See Ingrid Michaelson in concert. & To go on a trip with someone. Someone not platonic.   June 17 2015 Seattle U.S.A

Learn how to run the board at the radio station. June 8th My first solo show at 102.3 NOW radio

Take my children on a vacation where they will need their passports. Let them swim with Dolphins while we are there. February 3 2015 , San Jose Del Cabo Mexico. 

See Pink in concert January 16 2014 Edmonton Alberta. 

Learn to ride a motorcycle. 
Saturday September 28. Samantha got me lessons for my 35th Birthday! Edmonton Alberta.

Go whale watching in the ocean on a boat and see the largest animal in the world in its own habitat.  Wednesday Whale day Aug 14 2013 . Vancouver BC. 

Go to New York City
-Side goals for this include eat a hotdog from a street vendorpurchase something from a shady character down a back alley (and not be killed/mugged by said shady character)
-Buy a pair of shoes
Obviously as most of you who have been reading know, I went to NYC.  Had the time of my life.  Had a bite of Drew's hot dog from a street vendor, purchased a watch from a shady character down a back alley and I bought a pair of shoes (technically boots, but they go on your feet so they count).

Go to a live taping of Saturday Night Live
-Justin Timberlake is the host and Amy Poehler will be guest starring
-Amy will meet me, and we will chat and laugh together.
I did not achieve this yet, but I did see the set so I'm one step closer.NYC 2011

Go to an NBA game
Awesome, awesome, awesome. NYC 2011

Go to London England
October 18-29 2011! -Eat at Jamie Olivers  restaurant (his fish pie)
-Meet Mr. Oliver because he happens to be there, he takes me on a tour of his kitchen and I get a picture with him
-Get a picture taken with a Queen's guard
-Go to a castle

Go to Italy
October 25-26 2011 -Dance with a complete stranger (also make out with said stranger.. kidding... kinda)

Go to a college Football game
A few years ago I went to Utah to visit my friend Renae and she took me to a University of Utah vs Utah State football game. It was Electric! I loved everything about it! I think the marching bands were almost as entertaining as the actual game.

Ride a bull
When I was younger I went to the Teepee Creek rodeo and rode a bull.  Scored 72 points.  It was awesome.

Learn how to shoot a gun really well  Feb 8 2013 ride along with EPS 2013 went to the shooting range and was pretty darn good at it. 

Learn how to sharpen kitchen knives with one of those stick things  Jan.3 2012 Garth taught me.

Get a tattoo (never mind)

Be a radio DJ, even if just for a day
Friday May 13th 2011, I was the intern for Adam McKale for 102.3 NOW radio!!! Whoot whoot! 

Watch all of the 
-Lord of the Rings movies
-Rocky movies
-Star Wars movies
-The Office (every episode)
on different weekends

Things I want to eat:
-Collard greens
-Pizza in Naples In Fondi 2011
-Benyas in New Orleans
-Pub food in a pub in London Oct. 2011
-Seafood linguine with real octopus La Figa 2011
-Eat real mozzarella cheese Fondi Oct. 2011
-Alligator Dec. 2010 Sams birthday in Banff
-Rattlesnake Dec. 2010 Sams birthday in Banff
-Frog Dec. 2010 Sams birthday in Banff
-Ostrich Dec. 2010 Sams birthday in Banff
-Venison Dec. 2010 Sams birthday in Banff
-Buffalo Dec. 2010 Sams birthday in Banff
-Shark Dec. 2010 Sams birthday in Banff

Meet Oprah

Madame Tussaud's wax museum is obviously not even close, but beggars can't be choosers.NYC 2011

I saw Oprah in Edmonton Alberta Jan.21 2013

Go to a real fashion show March 26 2013 Edmonton Alberta. 

See U2 in concert
June 1, 2011!

Be a Doula and help deliver babies
This past summer I helped deliver my 35th baby

Make or help make someone else's dream(s) come true however big or small.
I helped K who wanted to skydive, I don't know if she ever went. Her sons bought her the pass to go. 2012

Throw a very large dinner party for my dearest friends so they know how much I love them.
Aug 22 2011 Dinner party with Friends 

Go on a trip with my brother Dawson, or do the Amazing Race with him. 
Road trip with Dawson and Steve to Victoria BC October 20 2010



Kirstan C. Sonnenberg said...

You've got some great ones on your list! You've inspired me to make my own! I'll share once I get it up and running!

Anonymous said...

U dont know how to play chess!?! ok w/e and as for the U2 consert as yo usaid BEST CONSERT EVER!i even saw you there i sat a cople maybe 10 spots beside you i just didnt get a chanse to say hi! and i know you from now radio and as my twitter friend -maddy(look me up on your twitter friend my name is maddy)

Anonymous said...

As far as the Slver hair part on your bucket list, don't worry, it will come....LOL