About Me

Hi, Thanks for stopping by. 

The hats I wear are many, and I think they all have helped me become the level headed, fit, witty and charming woman you see before you...

*i'm laying on the couch with a glass of red wine, wearing my lulu's and i don't think i showered yet today. I'm pretty sure I am suppose to be somewhere right now, but I forget where and the odds are pretty damn good I'll order pizza for dinner tonight....again. 

All in all I am exactly like you. Trying to figure it all out an laughing at myself along the way. 

I am a mother to four fantastic children, I am a radio Host, Doula, friend to a great group of people and partner to the greatest guy in the world. 

Life is good, I am happy and laughing my way through it all. 



Sam and/or Monika said...

Looks good...except the "future ex husband," I could not get away with that...obviously ;)

Rylinn said...

Wow! You look fabulous! Lookin' forward to hearing all about you & your family. Here's mine if you're interested:

Monika Crowfoot said...

i love your writing...and i think you look absolutely gorgeous!

Mackenzie said...


Jimmy Choo's, ASAP AMAP.

Anonymous said...

Wow Joelle, good job. You look fabulous....nice boobs;)

J said...

*blush* thank you!

Mike Horder said...

I enjoy your stories Joelle. Your writing has something magnetic about it. I noticed a comment somewhere about you writing a book and thought, I agree.

Anonymous said...

My youngest daughter Robin says you must move back to PR and become her YW leader.Based on your blog, she thinks you are so cool and she wants you.
You can bring Drew and the kids if you want.

Natasha said...

Love that someone said "nice boobs". So funny.

Anonymous said...

So I have been trying really really hard to email you. It's not working :(
I have Joelle_d@telus.net
What the heck is going on lol
email me at rixmaint@hotmail.com

Anj said...

Hi Joelle !!!

Thank you again for having us in the NOW studio on Sunday !!! It was wonderful meeting you and Chris and I cant wait to see you again sometime soon.

Have a Kiss This Lips day hun :)