Sunday, December 4

Advent Day 4: Decorations

Every year when my mom and Jones decided it was time to decorate my mom would go down to our basement and get the "suitcase".

The suitcase was full of all our decorations for the tree, house, and pretty much any structure that would hold still long enough to drape Christmas garb on it. When the suitcase was opened, Christmas was promptly barfed all over the house.

I have unwrapped these specific decorations since I was little. And now they are in my house on my shelves.

I remember when I was little these were my favourite things to unwrap because their bonnets are textured and it felt prickly on my fingers. I always made sure when I put them up in my parents sunken living room I put them together, on the TV stand or mantel. I always imagined they were friends and they wanted to stay together and watch whet we were doing. I never wanted them to be lonely.

If you knew my mom you knew her love for value village and consignment stores. When it came to clothes she would have a constant rotating cycle of buy and sell, but when it came to our Christmas decorations we never got rid of anything and not many new things ever made it into the suitcase. Only the core decorations were ever there. The important ones.

I will be keeping these angels out all year round I think. They make me happy to have around.


I am grateful for finally getting family pictures done... and by family pictures I mean an eye care add for the optomotrist and his glasses store in town .

I am grateful for comfortable jeans.

I am grateful for oranges, what a simple delicious little thing!


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