Saturday, December 3

Advent Day 3: Moms Shortbread Cookies

When I think of Christmas and especially Christmas with my mom it ALWAYS has these bad boys in that scenario. 

My mom wasn't a hug baker/cook but she aways made these, and my job when helping was to put the cherries on the top. They were always a staple in Christmas snacking, along with nanimo squares, matrimonial squares and of course Christmas oranges. 

When I was married, my (then husband) liked shortbread and once my mom found that out, she made sure he always got a special gift of shortbread. She would go out of her way to always make sure she went to a Christmas craft sale and got him beautifully decorated or stamped shortbread. 

Even after we were divorced she would go to the Strathmore market at Christmas and buy some, give it to the kids to take to their dad to maintain this tradition. When my mom knew you liked something she would never forget it and if it was within her power to do so, she made sure you had it. It was her way of showing her love.  At the time it annoyed me that she would still do that for my ex.. but now I see how loving it was. I divorced him, that didn't mean my family stopped caring.  It was/is a good lesson in love. 


I am grateful, after a very long day of driving this little thing is finally here.

He is called Milo and, as you can imagine, he is a big hit! He is happy, healthy and fitting in well.  And yes, i am becoming one of "those" people.

I am grateful for comfort food.

I am grateful for good hand lotion during this time of year. My skin doesn't hurt and crack as much.


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