Saturday, April 9

Jason Asked Me To Marry Him

I'll start off the blog by ending the suspense, I said yes.

There ya go.

Now, to back track a little.

Yesterday at work, unplanned, Rob and I were having a conversation about weddings and over the course of the hour talked about how people plan them... and how some are good and some are bad, and that's when Rob asked me off air, "should we officially tell the listeners Jason asked you to marry him?"

So we posted THIS on the work Facebook page.

I did not think anything of it.
Jason asked me to marry him a few months ago, but with the stress of everything else going on I didn't get around to blogging/texting or calling people just yet.  I was planning to, just have not gotten around to it.

Maybe in me not blogging yet there is also some fear that because Jason and I have been married before this might not be something people want to get excited about. Or they would feel it's silly or unnecessary or just poorly timed. Maybe I just fear judgment and so I have kept it quiet.

So yesterday when Rob and I talked about it I was shocked, humbled  and filled with gratitude at how many well wishes I received. Even Jason got private texts from people he works with who heard about it on the radio.

Then last night while walking with Melanie, she reminded me that even though we have been married before, people (especially our dear friends) will be excited for us and want to celebrate this with us.

So, I am sorry I didn't let everyone know ASAP. I am sorry I assumed people would be uninterested.

Jason and I are very excited to finally get this right, and will share details as they come.

And thank you so much for being excited and happy for us. It means the world to me. I am excited to laugh and explore the world with this guy for the rest of my days!

There was a time I didn't think I would ever want to do this again. I didn't think it was for me or that, frankly, I was any good at being a wife. But he made me change my mind. He is my friend and he has helped heal parts of my heart I thought were broken forever.

*** Revision***

I went for lunch today with a girlfriend and while I was driving in to meet her, about an hour after I posted this, I realized I did not say that correctly.
Jason has not done ANY of my healing for me.
What this wonderful man HAS done is he has provided a safe place for me to do my own healing. He holds space for me to feel whatever I am feeling and he allows that to take as long as it needs. He does not pressure me to be anything. He allows me to spread my wings and is not threatened by my success, life, friends or journey.
He supports my creative freedom and I him.
He laughs with me daily and when we disagree, it is respectfully.

That is why we are getting married. That is what changed my mind.



I am grateful for the reminder that people who love you are always rooting for you.

I am grateful for shared experiences. My mom and Melanies mother in law are going through the same things right now and it's nice to have someone to  walk with at night and talk to about it.

I am grateful for cold cereal and beer at night.


Rochelle and Scott said...


Rochelle and Scott said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Congratulations Joelle!!

Unknown said...

Love you girl. You are an amazing pair because you are amazing individuals. I wish more happiness and love than you ever imagined.

Ken said...

Good news! Good news indeed! Congratulations my friend!!

Unknown said...

I am so so happy for you xxx congratulations ❤❤

Unknown said...

I am so so happy for you xxx congratulations ❤❤

Mrs Sobbi said...

I am SO, SO happy for you Joelle!! He is a lucky guy cause there aren't many people as amazing as you :) Wishing you all the best and lots of love to both of you.