Monday, March 7

The Rob and Joelle Reunion Tour.

One more day and then The Rob and Joelle show starts round 2. 

Our reunion tour if you will. We are like that weird old band you once liked a song or two from who is playing in your towns old bar one thursday night. That's us. 

I can say truly and completely, I never thought this day would ever happen. When Rob left last June to do a morning show in London Ontario, I didn't think I would ever speak to him again let alone work with him again. Yet here we are. 9 months later and we are about to do the Rob and Joelle Show the sequel. 

I have changed. I have grown. I am not the same person I was 9 months ago. But I am nervous as hell. I won't deny that. 

What if he leaves again? What if I can't get past my anger from him leaving the first time? It took me a long time to forgive what I felt was a betrayal of him leaving. Over dramatic? ok. Maybe it is. 
I am told ,"that's how radio is" so maybe I was just being sensitive. There was a lot of loss that week Rob left, maybe I made it bigger than it was. Regardless, that's how I felt. 
But over time, the sting went away. With time, I saw how good it was for me that he left and how I grew in my craft.  I discovered just how creative I am. I found out how capable I actually can be and what I am really made of. When he left I saw myself differently. I saw that I, again, made it through 100% of my worst days. It wasn't pretty, but I made it. 

So here we are. About to try this again. 
We will cover for Rachel during her mat leave for the next few months, Monday -Friday 3-7pm. 
I am excited to see what we are capable of doing now. 

I find it funny that I have worked on 4 different teams in 4 years. 2 times with Chris and now 2 times with Rob. 
Not sure how that makes me look, but I guess I can't do anything about that. It is what it is. My story will write itself exactly how it's meant to be. It's the journey that is the best part. 

Tuesday night at 7, we shall see. 

It would be nice if you would join us, in all the asshattery and awkward shenanigans you can handle. 


I am grateful for Chris. He is a talented and kind man. People don't often get to see that side of him because he doesn't open up often. I am sad our time together is over after this week. He has been the greatest person to work with during the last 9 months. He has let me find myself and grow. Everyone deserves to have a friend like Chris.

I am grateful for the geese across from my hose. I heard them last night. They are back... and that means it's spring soon!!

I am grateful for perogies.
Honestly. They are a gift from food heaven.


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MyNamesJeff said...

Guess he made too many jokes about how London Ontario is just trying to pretend to be the real London eh? Lol glad you two are back together! When I heard the imaging for just Chris I went "what! Where the heck is Joelle!" came here immediately.