Friday, January 8

Winter Day

I won't pretend that I like this time of year. 
I never have. 

Growing up my family was always outdoors. Dawson still is mad for the snow. My parents took us skiing and sledding often. I went, but not happily. I could have
 fun, sure. But it wasn't my favourite and now as an adult, I'd just rather not. 

Give me the sun and water and I'm a happy girl. 

But, because we live in Alberta and it's cold 99% of the time I need to be a team player and go out and play. And by play I mean take pictures and help carry sticks down to make sure everyone can play until I find the perfect time to escape back up to the house. 

It was a beautiful day though. 

I think this one is more like me.

Annnnd maybe this one too.



I am grateful for days like this when we can get out and do things together.

I am grateful for warm socks and lotion for dry skin.

I am grateful for a coffee bean grinder. Simple I know, but man does it make a huge difference to how good coffee can be!

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