Tuesday, November 17

Biopsy Results Come With Stupid Words.

The results from my moms biopsy came back yesterday.

It's malignant.

What an odd word, isn't it. Malignant. It sounds like a undesirable personality trait. "She was rather  Malignant when ordering."

So my mom will be having the surgery as soon as possible. The surgery is called a Whipple.

Again, another odd word. It sounds like a dessert doesn't it?
"I'll have chocolate, he wants vanilla and we will both have Whipple on top."

I can not imagine a less desirable dessert. It's like ordering a baseball bat to the face after a meal.

Now, now it's game time.

Now my family gets to rally together and we all see what we are made of. My Grandparents won an award in their church once, years ago.  It was "Family of the Month". They have it framed in their hallway and for years, every time I saw it I would roll my eyes and laugh.

I would make fun of it with my cousins. How would they win such a stupid award when all of their children are adults and their grandchildren are adults. How does their church even know our family...I mocked it pretty hard.

But now, I have thought about that award so much this week it's embarrassing. I have actually thought, that silly award is actually really accurate. Our family, my aunts, uncles, cousins all of these people are what is going to get us all through this in one piece. We are a support network for each other. We are like a gang. All of us cousins had to sit at the kids table for all those years and it melted us into the friends we are as adults.

Sigh... it's gonna be a shitty few weeks/months. Obviously more for mom than the rest of us. But I read last night that this surgery will cause her to lose around 20 pounds.. and anyone who knows my mom knows she will love this because with that kind of weight loss she wont have to pay for her yearly fees for her weight watchers membership.

I can feel my dark humor returning. I am sleeping better now and I am laughing again.  I can feel myself getting ready to tackle this and do my part. I am game ready, and we have a great team.

We are team Holly and Poor Rousey doesn't even know what's about to fucking hit her.


I am grateful for friends who make me laugh. Really laugh from the belly and make my face hurt.

I am grateful for aroma therapy and Terri who is helping me to find natural ways to relax and sleep.

I am grateful for finally getting to a place of acceptance.