Thursday, January 8

My Personal Hell Called Passports!

There are a lot of words people might use to describe me.

"Hey Jason, if you had to describe me in 3 words, what would they be?"

Jason: Happy, funny, and Beautiful.

Me: You are just sucking up.

Ethan: "you forgot cold hearted"

Me: I am not cold hearted!

Ethan: "No, you're not don't have a heart"

Gabe: "Ethan you're a jerk!"

Like I was saying, there are a lot of words people would use, but I assure you prompt and organized might not be at the top of that list. I wish I was, but I am not.  I get shit done, and I m really good at what it is I put my mind to...but now that I work full time, cleaning and getting things done on time are two skills that have fallen by the wayside.

This is not ideal when planning a trip to Mexico.

I am taking the kids on a trip to Mexico.

We are going here!!

It has been in the works for a full year now and I am so excited and can hardly sleep. The kids dealt with me being gone a ton this past summer covering other shifts and my promise to them was a trip to someplace sunny after Christmas if we all pulled together and got through it.
 Mexico was an easy pick because it will be relaxing for me too with a beach and not having to cook at all! 3 growing boys who eat around the clock getting to eat whenever they want and its not me in the kitchen...YES PLEASE!

One of the details I needed to take care of before we embark on this sun filled trip to Mexico is the blessed passports.

I hate paper work. I even hate opening the mail.  Paper work for me is the same as pap tests or buying school supplies in August. I know it has to get done, but I put it off as long as possible and hate every second of it.

Today was the day. I have spent the last two weeks filling everything out, making sure the kids dad filled everything out, getting pictures, making copies of divorce papers...BLAH BLAH BLAH..

Jason and I got up early and headed into Canaada place. Got in line and I was stoked. It won't cost anything extra and I am set.

We were next in line and a rather unhappy looking woman greated us in 3 different languages. I walked up smiling and feeling confidant. I laid down all 50 pounds of my paper work and watched as she began.

She opens up the first envelope and says, "ummm your passport is done wrong here, here and here"

UGH...crap. Ok, I can fix those. That's okay, at least I can get the kids passports done today.

She opens up the kids ones, and with an almost child like excitement on Christmas day, she looks up at me with an evil sparkle in her eyes and explains in an almost joyful voice, "you didn't get the back of the kids pictures signed!"
This woman is obviously the kind of person who laughs when people fall down the stairs. My heart sank.
I picked up all my papers and thanked her and her smug grin for her time. I came home and have just finished filling everything out and double and triple checked it all. I will try again tomorrow.

Why can't I be good with stuff like this and be more organized. Why can't travel to another country be based on she selection instead of paperwork proving Canadian citizenship.



I am grateful for this adventure we are about to go one.

I am grateful for the kids excitement for it to be a screen free trip too. (no iPods pr iPhones..just good old fashioned cameras)

I am grateful for how much better my thighs look with fake tanner on them. At least I won't look completely terrifyingly pale when I get there.