Sunday, December 6

To Beer, Short Hair, And Crying About Dying Plants.

I fly out to BC in the morning. It's time mom has her surgery (Tuesday).... I am a horrible procrastinator

I have been putting the reality of all this off but I can't anymore. I have to pack and you would think that would be easy but I am somehow managing to find a million other terribly un-important things to do (blogging included). I am a horrible procrastinator when I want to be. And by horrible I mean AMAZING!

The last few days have been a mix of ups and downs. I went to a play with everyone from work Friday night. One of the hosts was playing a doctor in a play called W;T (which was far from witty).  A play about a woman who has cancer. The actors did a great job, but the subject matter was hard.

It wasn't the best choice I have made in a while. I spent most of the hour and a half long play crying my eyes out and drinking from a bottle of fireball that was being passed around.  It still didn't make it easier.

After the play the group of us when out for a night at the pub.

I think it's safe to safe I have been a bit of a shut in these last few weeks. So even though the night was a bit more emotional than I expected, it was good to get out with friends and visit, laugh and forget for a bit what's up next. 


I am grateful for plant lights. 
I love my plants and can't seem to keep them going. So after a slight breakdown about lord knows what (on my end) poor Jason had to help with saving these things. They seem to be doing better, thank god. I can't have anymore things I care for unwell. 

I am grateful for last minute no-shows so Sam could do this to my hair. I have wanted it cut for a while,  I feel like myself in short hair. I have missed it and the change was good for me.  

I am grateful for friends, laughter and beer. Lots and lots of beer... 


.....oooh and I am grateful this guy was safe while in the mountians this weekend with his buddies. I LOVE this picture of him!!!

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