Wednesday, December 30

Then One Day I Wake Up And POOF...He's Becoming A Man


I am grateful for our relationship. I am glad we can talk about real and sometimes serious things and even though we might both be uncomfortable and it feels awkward,  we still talk, then laugh. 

I am grateful for our afternoon together. Shopping with you today showed me a lot about the man you are becoming, the things you understand and have learned so far. It was a pleasure watching you interact with people, budgeting, thinking things over before you made your choices and seeing you take pride in those choices.

I am grateful for your sense of humour. Did you see how that beautiful blonde girl was laughing so hard when you brought this cake up to pay for it? You made her laugh....Dont' ever forget that! You will win 100 times over with the opposite sex when you make them laugh. Far more than show boating or being cocky.

 I am grateful you are healthy, happy, smart and funny.

Happy 14th Birthday Ethan!

Love Mom

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