Monday, December 14

Jason's Impressive Elf On A Shelf

While I was away last week, Jason took on the task of doing the elf on a shelf (the make work Christmas project) Nora had asked for. 

I already really dig this guy, but after this week, I have fallen in love with his creativity and humour all over again. 

I feel it goes without saying that the kids have completely lord this whole thing. 

Netflix and Chill. When Jason told the boys what this one was called they almost died. They said, "do you even know what that means"?

Fred had a rough go in this one.

Fred poops chocolate here, and then made cookies with them.

Practical  life lessons with this one.

This one was after my star party so Jason was lacking in both energy and zest after that night.

This one is the kids real friends taking care of the nark.

I'm looking forward to all next week, to see what this guy comes up with.


I am grateful for face time.
It was good to chat with mom. The kids had a good chat with her too.

And to make today even better....look who got to eat today!!!!

I am grateful for Jason. He is really good stuff.

I am grateful for convection ovens.

I am grateful for a few days to watch all the Star Wars movies before the new one!

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Leah M said...

Your Jason seems like a very impressive man, Well done!
Mom looks great! So glad she's in good spirits and that you and the kids can facetime regularly!
All the best to you all this Christmas!