Saturday, October 31

Nora Turns 8

A few weeks ago, this tiny creature turned 8. 

I am struggling with how to raise kids during this stage of life. The part where all they need is food and water and sleep was easy. It was exhausting, but easy...relatively. This stage where they learn about self, relationships, happiness, and develop their moral compass of right and wrong and what they believe. 
It is hard to teach children things you yourself don't feel you have mastered yet, and are still learning. 
It's hard to be a guide in how to manoeuvre parts of life that you are just now experiencing for the first time too. 

Often times when the kids have a birthday, I write them a letter of advice. 

Pfft!! This year there is no advice. 
I have no advice to give, because I am on a sharp learning curve myself. I can not give you what I don't have myself. 

SO this year, this year I will make you promises. 


I promise to listen more than I talk. 

I promise to make sure you know you have a voice. I joke that I am a mother of dragons...but I am and I want you to know that is a wonderful thing! What you have to say matters. 

I promise to make sure you spend as much time with the women in our family as possible. You will learn a lot from them. I have aunts and cousins, a sister in law and grandmother...and of course mom, that you need to spend time with because you will grow to be wonderful like them. You need to learn from them and absorb everything they are willing to teach. 

 I love your laugh little one!

You already have a strong sense of self that I admire.

You never care what others think and that is a wonderful thing!

Happy Birthday Tiny Girl! I adore you! 

Love Mom


I am grateful I had children. I am grateful I was made a mother and get to have this growth. This experience is not granted to every woman, and I recognize that and do not take this responsibility lightly. 

I am grateful Nora looks like my mother. I see our women in her face and it brings me such happiness that there will be one of us here in the years to come. 

I am grateful for you little girl. You are joy!  

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Leah M said...

Happy happy Birthday Miss Nora! I'm so glad that she has brought out the joy and gratitude for you in this very stressful time.