Wednesday, October 28


So... here it is

This is November for my mom. This is what a doctor spent an hour explaining to us today.

I'll do my best to interpret it for you. November involves a 17 mm tumour that is a giant pain in the ass, so blood work has been taken, my mom will need to swallow a garden hose to get a biopsy and then if this 17 mm bitch is still there, might involve a whipple.

That sounds awful but she is made of the good stuff, so she CAN do it. She WILL do it and then this will be a moot point.

My mothers surgeon is easily the nicest man I have ever met in medicine. He is exactly who we would have drafted to be on our team if we had to pick and so this WILL be the outcome we desire.

I laid in bed with my mom tonight after we all watched survivor and talked about our day. I do not remember the last time I stayed up late and chatted with her like that,  maybe I was in high school. There were a lot of tears and a moment that I will cherish forever.

She told me she was grateful Dawson and I were here, and that she felt loved, and that is all that mattered.

Then she made me promise to be in the moment,  and to go to boot camp with her in the morning because she loves working out.

So I need to get my drunk ass to bed, so I can get said ass handed to me by a sick 61 year old woman in the morning.


My mom made me promise that she would give me her strength if I gave her mine.



Unknown said...

Hugs and smiles sent your way and mom and dad's. :)

Leah M said...

Ugh!! I'm crying right now!! I so love your mom!!!