Thursday, July 9

Happy 12th Birthday Gabe!

It's pretty late, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to write a birthday letter to my Gabe because these last few weeks I have been reminded how precious life is.
What a gift every day is and I didn't want to miss a chance to tell my little boy all the thoughts and feelings I have about him and this stage of his life.


First, I love you so much.

I could not be more proud of the young man you are becoming. You are such a delightful boy! Your energy and joy for life just radiates off you. You can't help but feel happy when you are around. Your smile is infectious and you have a zest for life that I envy.

Gabe, I want you to remember that I believe in you. One day I wont be around and sadly that day might come unexpectedly. I know you will feel sad, but I promise the hurt will ease. Find joy in the little things in life. Be grateful for everything you have. There is something to learn in both good and not so good experiences.

Serve others the best you can. There is joy in service. Give your best to the people in your life who matter the most. Sometimes in service people drain themselves serving complete strangers and forget to help the loved ones around them.  Service is noble, but not at the expense of your family.

This past month has shown me that time is so very precious my dear, and days are not guaranteed. Do what you love. Find your passion and explore that! There is a level of responsible we all need to be, but find what makes you happy and go for it! Try new things, do something that scares and challenges you every once in a while, It will keep you feeling alive and enjoying your journey.

You can never choose all of the experiences you have in this life. Some things will happen regardless of how you do things. But what we can choose is how we respond to them. We can choose how we see the world after. We can believe things will get better or we can focus on the pain and hurt. When bad things happen, look for the helpers. There are always helpers.
Be the helpers. be the good you want to see in the world.

When bad things happen, and they will, allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling, but then, allow yourself to heal and let it go. The sooner you learn this in life, the better off you will be.

Forgive others, even when they are not sorry and might never be. There are mean and awful people in this world who will do horrible things...forgive them. Holding on to hate and anger only hurts you.

One day I won't be around my dear little man, and I need to to know that it is my deepest wish, its my only wish, for you and your brothers and sister to be happy. That is all I want and will ever want for you in this life. Be happy, find happiness. Live a grateful life.

You will make mistakes, and I'm glad!  You will change your mind some times, good! You're allowed and mistakes are how we learn. Just remember you're allowed to readjust your sails and carry on in a different direction.


Happy Birthday my dear. You have been a joy to me from the first moment I knew you were growing in my belly.

You make my life so happy.



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