Saturday, June 6

Pride 2015

Today is Pride in Edmonton. I have never been to it before, I am normally working. So having this opportunity was not going to be wasted. We rushed down, found parking and walked as fast as my strapless dress would allow. 

It was a perfect day for a parade, the sun was out, a light breeze was in the air and nothing but love and support everywhere. I absolutely loved it! And let me just say, BRAVO Edmonton for all the involvement. Police, Fire EMS, banks, restaurants. LOVED IT! 

 Rachel Notley was there and Ill admit, I fan girled a bit when I saw her. Did a shameful job getting a picture, but that's because I was too busy waving and smiling at her.

What a fantastic day!


I am grateful for the relaxing and calm day I had today.

I am grateful for beautiful beet salad, even though the service wasn't that great.

I am grateful for rainbows and bright colours all day!


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bubbleheadz said...

I wish I knew you were there!! I walked with Intuit in the parade. :) Super fan of NOW! Radio!