Monday, June 8

The Joelle Show & Mice Killings.

I woke up this morning with such a heavy heart.

I have been dreading this day for 2 weeks now. Tonight I work alone.

I trust things will be fine, no ones going to die, but it will be different.
All through out my school years the one thing that EVERY teacher would say during parent teacher interviews to my mother is "Joelle does not work well alone"
I  would always talk too much, I get bored easily. I have (true story) on long drives to BC resorted to calling banks to make appointments just so I could talk to someone when I have had to sit silently for too long.

Maybe the talking too much will over ride the alone part of tonight.

I have really been focused on what a "Joelle Show" would look like. What do I have to offer.
I have been planning the show like a psycho for the last 4 days.

In planning shows we will often take things that are happening in our lives and start from there.

Things That are happening in my life:
-Jason has this war going on with a family of mice that have made their way into our garage and made a home in our baseball equipment.
-Maybe I can talk about how the family of geese walk back and forth to the pond every day and I like watching them.
-Or maybe we can talk about my inability to keep one frigging house plant alive...

Ooh gawd...this is going to be a mess.

In our last host meeting we were encouraged to do more social media too, so I have been thinking about trying to find a picture that represents well, what a radio show by me would embody.

Here are a few of the winners.

I am nervous as hell. I feel like I have just been told I'm pregnant.

I just feel that scared/nervous/what the EFF is about to happen feeling.

Jason is outside mowing the lawn right now, soon he will return to his man vs beast (mice) battle. I need to go make some lunch so I can feed him before his death match and then get back to show prep.


I am grateful that school is almost over. I HATE PACKING LUNCHES and getting up early.

I am grateful for this week, and how rested and focused I feel.

I am grateful for fake plants that, if placed at a distance, look real-ish.


Saturday, June 6

Pride 2015

Today is Pride in Edmonton. I have never been to it before, I am normally working. So having this opportunity was not going to be wasted. We rushed down, found parking and walked as fast as my strapless dress would allow. 

It was a perfect day for a parade, the sun was out, a light breeze was in the air and nothing but love and support everywhere. I absolutely loved it! And let me just say, BRAVO Edmonton for all the involvement. Police, Fire EMS, banks, restaurants. LOVED IT! 

 Rachel Notley was there and Ill admit, I fan girled a bit when I saw her. Did a shameful job getting a picture, but that's because I was too busy waving and smiling at her.

What a fantastic day!


I am grateful for the relaxing and calm day I had today.

I am grateful for beautiful beet salad, even though the service wasn't that great.

I am grateful for rainbows and bright colours all day!


Wednesday, June 3

Sick Children, Cookies, And Perspective

Jason....bless his sweet heart.

Jason has his hands full with me.

My erratic moods would break the strongest of men...not J...he just smiles, gives me a hug and tells me I am loved.

Today my somber mood continued on, ugh! I am starting to annoy the ever loving shit out of my own self!
I wanted to just have a pout and be an introvert all night but my friend Amanda, a few weeks ago, had planned for a group of us to go to the Ronald McDonald House tonight and bake cookies for the families there.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is a better mood cleaner and perspective re-a-liner than a room full of sick kids/babies and their families.

When I am making cookies and a mom comes up to us (while holding her VERY tiny baby who is unwell) and says "Thank you" and is grateful for me....

My stupid little problems just vanished into thin air, my heart softened, my anger vanished and I felt humbled beyond measure.

Thank you Amanda. Nothing clears my mind and heart like service.


I am grateful for healthy children.

I am grateful for Jason and his never ending kindness, patience and rock solid support.

I am grateful for creative energy and refocus.


Tuesday, June 2

All Done, It's Over

It happened, it's over.

3 and a half years and it comes to an end tonight.


I am grateful for support

I am grateful for experience and friendship.

I am grateful for new challenges and things to come.