Monday, May 25

My Life Got Flipped Turned Upside Down.

It has been an odd month. The last few shows Rob has been off a little with me. Not as chatty with me as he normally is, Doesn't joke like normal and I was starting to think it was something I was doing. 

But this morning I found out what was going on with my friend. 

Rob told me today that he has accepted a job in  Ontario. He will be leaving next week to do mornings there. 

I do not know how I am feeling. 

I am excited for him and Steph to get to be closer to family. I am so proud of him, and that he gets to fulfill his dream of a morning show (he has always wanted a morning show). 

As He sits in my living room and his wife chats with me about things and I am playing with Owen, my mind is fuzzy and I struggle to focus on what he is saying. All I keep telling myself is, Do NOT cry. Tell him how happy you are for him and how good a choice this is and how you understand. Just DO. NOT. CRY!

As the day has progressed my emotions have fluctuated from anger to complete disbelief to calm...back to anger. 

What happens next? What do I do now? Why didn't they want me too?  

I am scared. 
So very very scared.

Having to do a show tonight has been hard. I am trying not to cry.

What happens next? Where do I go? I feel a little lost today. Tender and unsure.

I have had so much change these last few weeks, tonight I just feel over whelmed with it all.

Tomorrow I will need to laugh.


I am grateful for my friend and the new and exciting adventures he and his family have  ahead of them. I wish him nothing but joy and success fulfilling his dreams.

I am grateful for Tylenol that help with headaches.

I am grateful for friends and family who love and support me.



Leah M said...

Its okay to grieve this loss! Its another huge upheaval for you, but as always, you will conquer it with your brand of grace and humor and will come through it happy and better, on the other side. You yourself have a huge fan base and whoever comes in is gonna have to meld with YOU because you are now longer the newbie!! Hows that for a change?!? It will be sad, but it will being you great new challenges. Can't wait to listen and see how it all works out for you! xo

TJ said...

I totally get why you are having such a rush of emotions. And that you want to cry. I was surprised and then sad as well. I have so enjoyed your show. But the show will transform and become something new and exciting. I think it is so incredibly wonderful that you will miss Rob and his family. It means that you have a connection. A real positive connection. One never really forgets the person that they worked with closely for the first time in a job. At least I didn't.

So celebrate well my friend. And grieve. And cry. Off air and on. Cause your listeners and friends might cry along with you.

You are an amazing lady on and off air. And I can't wait to hear about what will come next because it will be great cause you're in it!

Please wish Rob well for me. I have listened to your show so much over the years and laughed myself until, well, you know what I was going to say. Your show is so therapeautic for me cause you are real. And you make me cry and laugh and laugh some more. And I can go on with life feeling a little lighter.

So thank you.