Tuesday, April 28

My First True Solo Show.

It Finally happened.

Yesterday Rob took his Canadian citizenship exam and he passed. We all knew he would, and in preparation for it, our co-workers planned to hijack him during our show and take him for a night on the town to celebrate.

Leaving me to run the show on my own.

I have been practising for the last month or so to get ready for it, and i was feeling pretty confident until everyone left and I was actually led zone. Then panic kicked in. The light headedness only lasted a few minutes, then it went back to normal.

I wouldn't dare say it was a quality show, but no one swore in any of my calls.. I didn't pass out or have a heart attack...and we didn't have any off airs.. so, keeping those incredibly low standards in mind, it was a "successful" show. 

 I left feeling pretty damn good about myself. I'm in no rush to do it again, but I didn't explode, so there's that.

This morning I got to go talk to my therapist. I am not shy to admit I talk to someone. I think there are 3 things every woman needs. 1) a good bra 2) a good friend 3) a good therapist.

I love talking to Cara. She helps sort and realign this next chapter of my life. I don't want to have a repeat of my past experiences and its nice to get to share thoughts with someone who could care less about my choices. Anyway, today when we were chatting she found this (she knows of my deep love and connection to whales). I thought it was cute and quite fitting.


I am grateful for the callers last night that shared their gratitude's with me. I wasn't sure how that would go over, but surprisingly, people seemed to dig it.

I am grateful for beautiful brightly coloured flowers, and how spring is finally here.

I am grateful for the support network I am lucky to have.



Unknown said...

You did great as always Joelle!!

Leah M said...

Well done! I'm sure it was fabulous!

baddy98 said...

I think mine would either be a lion or a beluga whale. Greaat job by the way on last night's show. I probably would have freaked out and threaten to be let on the Limo or burn the building down or something. Just joking of course. Hope the move goes smoothly!