Thursday, March 26

I got one...I GOT ONE, I GOT ONE, I GOT ONE!!!!!

I can't believe it happened. 

Tonight after what felt like the longest day in recorded history, packing and sorting and moving Jason and I went for dinner. I wish I could say we sat and enjoyed each others company the whole meal. What actually happened was I was sorting kids stuff and reading report cards off my phone and Jason was reading the inspection report on the house off his phone. 

It has been a crazy few weeks, in which everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Broken washing machines, the sale of my house fell through, a sick child, a sick ex (and GF) who were stuck in a Mexican hospital for 4 days, I am pretty sure I had a stress induced minim breakdown in front of co-workers, my therapist quit being my therapist, my boys had to get to tryouts nights I had to work....Blah blah blah...

But tonight, it all went away. 

A few weeks ago I started the Gratitude Project and I wasn't sure it would go anywhere. I have left postcards around three cities and was trying to not get too disappointed that non had returned yet. 

While Jason and I drove back from dinner tonight to collapse into bed from our long day I had a thought, maybe we should stop off at the post office, and I am so glad we did. 


It is pretty badly beaten up, but it arrived. My first postcard has returned and I am over the moon thrilled! 

It says; I am Grateful for my sister. She is my heart and my best friend.
I am grateful for the mountains, I see them when I wake up and enjoy hiking in them. So peaceful.

And my favourite part says, at the top, I'm grateful for this postcard, it gave me a chance to stop and think. Thank you!

Every single penny spent and moment of time used to make this come together...worth it. 

I am so happy I have almost completely forgotten that I have to buy a new washing machine!


I am grateful for this week and last week finally being over. 

I am grateful for Drew and R's safe return from Mexico and that they are making a full recovery. 

I am grateful Jason is home, and for him. Who wouldn't love a guy that drives the teenage and preteen kids to school wearing Noras birthday party hat just to make them smile. 


Tonight, I am so grateful! 


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Unknown said...

This is amazing!! You sure know how to bring a smile to someone's face :)I needed this today! Thank you Joelle!! -- Mary