Saturday, February 28

"One Can Begin To Reshape The Landscape With A Single Flower" -Spock

I was checking my twitter yesterday while I was out and about and I saw a tweet that, unexpectedly, made my chest hurt and made my throat tight. 

I saw, in a simple 140 characters...Leonard Nimoy had died at the age of 83. 

I felt so heavy and sad. 

I am not a fan of Star Trek, and to be honest, I don't know of anything else Mr. Nimoy did in his career, aside from his finger thing to greet people. 

But I still felt a sadness and still do today because my dad was/is a Treky. 

When my mom started dating Steve I was 10-ish. My mom introduced us to this million feet tall red head who rode a motorcycle and had a mustache.

When Steve would have dinner with us, he use to tell my brother Dawson and I that he was from the planet Bor-der-rig-me and when he would say the name of his home planet (while burping) he would do the Spock hand greeting, suggesting it was his planets greeting. We didn't know any better...and these two stupidly sheltered children ATE IT UP!!! I remember sitting in amazement that we had an alien as a stepfather. No one else I knew at school has as cool a dad as we did.   

Two of the biggest changes I remember with the addition of Steve to our family was 1- Music. Steve was a HUGE vinyl fan and we listened to all kinds of music! 
And 2- TV. we watched EVERYTHING.  Steve watched all the space shows and by default I would watch them too. I even remember one holiday he got a phaser. We kept it on top of the TV for years, and if I am being honest, I had, on occasion picked it up and pretended to fight off a creature from a new planet I was exploring with the Captain and, in a panic, send a distress call to Scotty to get be back as soon as possible. 

I remember driving through Vulcan once on a family trip and stopping and looking at the USS
Enterprise, and I can even recite the intro to the show..

To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before.... I guess, maybe I too am a bit of a Trecky.  

I think the passing of Spock makes me sad because he reminds me of my dad. Even writing this makes my eyes water.  I feel like that was, in the oddest of ways, my grandfather and my dad will miss him, so I will miss him. 

Weird the things we hold on to from our youth.


I am grateful for exciting new things that are en route for this little blog of mine!

I am grateful for Steve and the universe he opened up to us as children. For the magic of his addition and for the relationship I have with him now as an adult.

I am grateful for family.


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