Sunday, February 8

I Recognize That I Am Obsessed!

I love whales. I know this is not the first time you have heard me say this...I REALLY REALLY love whales. To date, I have spent almost a full months mortgage payment to see whales. On this trip I went 3 different times so try and see them. Everyone I spoke to before this trip told me stories of how when they were in Mexico they could see them breech from the shore, or how my parents went on a boat ride and saw 5 breech with their babies. So clearly I expected to see them by the hundreds too and I even pick the time of year that would best facilitate seeing them (migration). I even allowed my imagination to wonder and I would day dream about a whale coming so close to my boat that i could reach out and touch one.

Funny thing was though...I didn't see them the way and as often as everyone else did. I had to really work at it. Which I am okay with, I have always said, I am very ok with being inconvenienced to see these beauties.

I accept that I am dancing on obsessed, and I embrace the title of crazed.. and probably need help regarding my obsession with these majestic creatures.

With the help of a young boat driver on my last whale day (whale Wednesday), who was a crazy S.O.B like me,  Seth and I did see a few, and the last one we saw was GIGANTIC!!

Worth every single penny, bruised limb from being tossed around a tiny boat and sun burned face.

One of the days we were in Mexico, was the day our Radio station finally changed over ownership. It happened to also be the eve of my anniversary with Rawlco Radio.
And the day this was all happening also happened to be the day my family all went out whale watching together.

The evening of my 3rd anniversary and thinking about how things were going at home with all my work family, I couldn't help but reflect on all the things that this radio station and company had done in the last 3 years to change my life. I couldn't help but feel tender and grateful for everything they had given me and the life they have given my kids and I and ...sailing on the  pacific ocean searching for far we have come.

It seemed poetic that on the last day Rawlco radio owned NOW radio, would be the afternoon we saw this all together.

It only made sense that after all the gifts you have given us this would be your send off. Thank you for everything you have done for us Gord and Doug Rawlinson. Thank you for allowing my babies to see a whale with me. It was a perfect day. 

Some of the other animals we saw on our trip.

This sting ray would jump out of the water beside where we would play.

Sea lions. They smell awful, but sound cool.

Annnd...we saw a Manta Ray  on our first whale search. No whales, but Gabe saw the fin and thought it was a shark. Poor guy. Scared him senseless.

The other thing that happened on this trip was another swipe off my Bucket List.

Take my children on a vacation where they will need their passports. Let them swim with Dolphins while we are there.
We got to go swim and play with the dolphins one afternoon. It was AMAZING!
I don't want to talk about the massive moral dilemma I had with them being captured animals and tried not to think about it. I just wanted to love them and show them that they are loved.
I could have spent days with these beautiful and unbelievably powerful creatures. They played with us, pushed and swam with us all. We raced with them in kayaks (I paddled my face off and still didn't stand a chance).
Ethan's picture is where the 2 Dolphins (named Cleopatra and Poseidon) pushed him so hard they lift you out of the water. They did this to all of us, it was unreal! The hour we spent there went by in a blink. Hands down every ones favourite thing on the trip!


I am grateful for Bucket Lists.

I am grateful for imaginations. I allow mine to dream and believe that one day I will get to swim with my whales and play with them. I love to day dream!

I am grateful I was able to do these fun things with my babies while they were still interested in hanging out with me.



Leah M said...

Love that you share your buckets list stuff with all of us! Its a privilege to experience so much vicariously since you write it so well and share lots of pics!!
Thank you! Glad you are happy and living such a great life, and that you really do appreciate every minute of it!
XO Leah

TL said...

I looked up your blog after Rob mentioned it on your show last week. I just finished reading it's entirety. I'm a little sad I'm all caught up now (slow week at work)...

Anyways, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your honesty, sense of humour, and the chance to see a piece of your life off air.

The story of how you got where you are today is inspiring. You were made for radio!