Friday, February 6

Day One Of Mexico.

We are home now. We landed in Calgary last night around 7pm but had to sit in the plane for an additional 47 minutes because of mechanical problems with the door. 

The drive home was okay, we arrived late and tired but we made it home with only a few stops for food and bathroom breaks. 

This morning we all slept in and I am now on loads 3 of 10 for laundry that smells so bad I have to wash my hands after I handle it. 

We are home, and things have returned back to now I can tell you of our adventures. 

I was doing a lot of thinking about how I would write this. Due to a lack of wifi and horrible Internet I was unable to write daily, which was what I wanted to do, so instead I need to jam it into a few straggler blogs over the next few weeks.  This could be very problematic due to the content and the risk I am taking in being "that person". 

You know "that person" who is a total douche.  Who goes away to a warm place while the rest of us suffer through another Canadian winter and are forced to look at their pictures of their tan, the water and all their blah blah blah...

I fully recognize that the only thing you want to see in my vacation photos is the massive burn I got, my frizzy hair that makes me look like a troll, you'll only want to hear about the titanic bout of diarrhea that knocked me out for a day and lastly, you only want to see the pictures of the shark attack. You'll be happy I survived, but let's be honest, we ALL hate the winter vacationers and resent seeing their pictures that flood our FB feeds while we shovel the walk yet again.  

So, if you choose to skip this blog post (and the next few), I understand, but some pretty cool things did happen if you want to hang around and listen to the stories.  I promise, it wasn't all fun and games (I did get diarrhea and am currently still dealing with) but there was some pretty awesome moments and life lessons that tend to accompany most bucket list adventures. So please enjoy the knowledge that I did suffer slightly, which will make looking at my beautiful pictures a little more enjoyable. 

The morning we left Calgary was great. Everything started well and we were all in good spirits. That was until we boarded the plane and stayed on it for 7 hours. 

When we arrived in Mexico (San Jose del Cabo airport) it had been a long day of flying. I was grumpy, hungry and worried I had made a huge mistake taking my children anywhere. Jason is the worlds most patient human, I on the other hand, am not. I was annoyed and just wanted to get to the resort. The kids were tired and being confined for the 7 hour flight (we had to make a stop in Sask that added hours to our trip) just exhausted all the love I had for everyone. 

When we got off the plane the heat hit me like a wall. It was thick and hot and instantly calmed me. The sun was warm on my face and I was greeted by palm trees.  Seeing the sun, I completely forgot how much I hated everyone only moments before. 

We walked into the airport passing palm tree after palm tree, I could see the mountains and I was in heaven...then  I saw the line we had to wait in to enter the country and my annoyance and dislike for people instantly returned. 

After the rigmarole of customs we got onto a bus and took a 30 minute ride to the resort. Mexico is a hard country to travel through when you live a blissfully ignorant existence to what life is like for others. This was one of the things that was of the utmost importance for me regarding this trip for the kids. I have tried to explain poverty to them, but I knew it would have a much more meaningful impact once they see it for themselves.

And just like that...we flip from poverty and seeing children playing outside of tiny dirt homes in filthy clothes to complete and utter over abundance and gluttony. While going to our room we walked past a woman in a lawn chair by the pool laying in her own barf. Staff were cleaning things up and getting a wheelchair to take her back to her room.  Just so very much for the children to all take in.

The resort was amazingly beautiful and clean (minus barfy pants) and beyond my wildest imagination! The staff was friendly and clearly took pride in their work. Every where I walked I could hear the staff giggling about me and hear them say "Mucho Bambinos" I just laughed along with them. I know..I have a lot of kids.


I am grateful for the safe, yet lengthy, flight we had.

I am grateful for the 11 hour sleep I got the first night that made me feel worlds better and feeling tender towards everyone again.

I am grateful for everything the kids saw on day one and for how kind and patient Jason is. Lord knows the children are grateful for him too. I....I was not so great!

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Ken said...

Absolutely wonderful!! I, for one, cannot wait to hear all about your trip. I'm going to put together a rum and coke, and wait for the deluge of holiday pictures. ( I love tropical vacation pictures!)