Wednesday, January 14

To The Ladies At Penningtons Who Made Me Cry

Rob and I play a few games at work. In the beginning when we first started workings together we would play paper baseball to pass the time at night. We play comedy games, watch funny/stupid videos on youtube and sometimes we play would you rather? 

We have played a lot of games over the years. We even started playing games on air with listeners. At first we only played pop quiz games and I hated it. I am never any good at them, but my natural competitive nature wouldn't allow me to just give up. I would lose and be a horrible sport about it. When I am on air, I pretend it doesn't bother me but on the inside when I lose, it makes me crazy. 

We have now progressed to playing 2 games on air, pop quiz and the NOW family feud. I enjoy Family Feud a little more then the pop quiz, but my overly competitive nature still comes out and I have, on many occasions, ended frustrated or in tears because I hate losing. 

When our boss decided to make each game worth 100$ my stress increased even more...then when I lose and the prize money rolls over and keeps need to win comes roaring out and if you could see my insides, you'd think I was competing in the Olympics. 

I HATE LOSING. I hate losing even more when I am trying to win the money for a listener. I never want to let them down, and contrary to popular belief about radio, our show is never fixed. I have heard other stations fix contests but Rob and I play truthfully and when I's often because of my poor performance. During the summer when all I did was lose and the prize pot was getting closer and closer to a thousand dollars I would sometimes feel so much stress the night before we would play, I had a hard time sleeping. There is nothing I love more than helping someone win! And,  truth be told, I always feel so much better about myself when they win because I don't feel so stupid. 

There have been times when I have thought about stopping playing the games because I worry my poor performance makes listeners angry and I am failing them some how. But our boss says to solider on. So... against my better judgment, we continue to play. 

I have exactly 14 days left until we leave for Mexico and I am starting to pack. A bit early, I appreciate, but I am excited so I can't help it. Tonight after work I decided to go try and find an extra bathing suit. I already ordered one from my favourite online store  Bravissimo  (if you have hips and're welcome) but I wanted to find one more to take with me. So I stopped into Penningtons in Spruce Grove. I shop there once in a while and the ladies are always so friendly, with no other plans tonight I figured I would stop in and see what they had. 

When I got in I went straight for the bathing suits, I found a few I liked and headed to the change rooms. I was almost there when one of the ladies stopped me and said, "I have been waiting for you to come in so I could talk to you"

Chatting with listeners is easily one of my favorite things. I will run into someone every once in a while who wants to chat about work and it never ceases to amaze me when people say they listen. But I was not prepared for this chat. 

The woman who was speaking to me had beautiful dark hair (first thing I noticed)
She said to me "I wanted to tell you, you changed Christmas for our family"
I didn't under stand, so I laughingly asks how. 

She told me how they had been driving together as a family in late November, her husband and 2 children and they were listening to Rob and I.  We did our call out for a contestant to start playing the NOW Family Feud. She told me how her husband decided he was going to try and call in and after a few rings Rob picked up and he was our contestant. 

He did a good job answering his questions (he holds the record for highest point by a listener) and then it was my turn. 
Through the grace of God I did alright and our combined totals reached the 200 points and he won. 

At that part in her story, that's when her eyes began to tear up. 

Her husband had won 500$ and she began to thank me because with that money they were able to buy their children Christmas gifts. With blurry eyes she told me how every Christmas they always stress out and have to put the holidays on the credit cards and how it carries over to a stressful January because money is always so tight. She cried and thanked me and told me how much better this year was with an unexpected car repair that the money they won helped with. 

I was a mess. 

Then she said simply...what you guys do matters. 

Then the other woman standing at the till who had been chatting with us started talking and told me (with tears in her eyes too) how much her daughter and her enjoy listening to Joelle-okie (shudder) and how when her mother passed away, Rob and I made them laugh and how we helped them through that rough time. 

All I wanted was to try on a bathing suit, and now I find myself in one of the change rooms, with a bathing suit on, crying the ugly cry and it's not over my thighs.  Thank you ladies, you gave me more than you'll ever know! 

Life is good, people are wonderful and I am happy (and humbled). 


I am grateful for little moments that touch my soul and remind me what it's all about. 

I am grateful for whoever the genius was who invented high wasted bathing suit bottoms. 

I am grateful for green apples. 





Leah M said...

Oh! You about made me cry too! What an amazing thing to boost your spirits and confidence to keep doing things that can be so difficult for you. Keep up the great work! So glad I can still listen to your show from time to time out here too! We definitely need a radio station like yours here!
XO Leah

Unknown said...

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