Sunday, January 4

The Therapy That Is My Laundry Room.

I love doing laundry. It's odd, I know. I have told you that before, I find it relaxing. I also find baking relaxing. As un-domesticated as I have become over the last few years, I still find those jobs like meditation.

Laundry allows me time to myself. I can go downstairs into the quiet part of the house, into a cool room and just let my mind wonder. I reflect on my day, mentally write my blog, have imaginary conversations with people down there that I needed to have in real life, but would, while sorting or folding laundry run through how it would go.

I also do some of my best crying downstairs while doing laundry.

Tonight is the last night before the kids get home from their fathers. I am trying to clean everything up and sort through the gigantic bucket of socks downstairs and make pairs. I am sitting down on the floor sorting things and, like always, I'm allowing my mind to wonder.

I started thinking about Christmas and how much fun we all had. I was thinking about the kids and Jason. About my job and about where I am going in life.  I was laughing to myself at how much fun it was having my friends over and visiting my parents and brother, and that's when it hit me.

While I was sitting on the cold floor of this little home, doing laundry, feeling grateful with a full heart and how happy I am. How lucky and blessed I am feeling. How excited I feel about the next few months and years.  I couldn't help but think,  not that many years ago I sat on this same  cold floor doing laundry not 5 feet away from where I am right now,  crying, feeling hopeless, frustrated and thinking "anything has got to be better than this!"

What a difference 7 years makes, What. A. Difference!

I am a completely different woman than I was back then. What a different life I have and what a different future awaits me.


I am grateful for these weirdos. I have been texting them all day.

I am grateful to get back to work and resume normal.

I am grateful for good friends. Friends who find the same things funny as I do..


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