Wednesday, January 28

Night Before Another Bucket-list Cross Off.

I have told these kids to quiet down at least a billion times now and I can still hear them all whispering and giggling.

I can't blame them, I am just as excited.

We are at the hotel, everyone has had their showers,  the pizza was nice... and now we wait.

Wait to feel tired, wait to fall asleep, wait to start the exciting day tomorrow. Wait for this adventure.

I am shockingly calm. I was feeling a tad stressed earlier today doing all the last minute packing and organizing, and so far we have only forgotten one pair of pants for Seth. So not too bad.

All in all..things are well.

(I had to tell the kids again to quiet down and stop with the giggling and jumping from bed to bed, I just heard them say the ground was poison & danger and they all die if they touch it with their feet.)

Tomorrow another Bucketlist item is crossed off my list. It has taken such effort and so much work I almost feel more relief then excitement  for the passports to finally get stamped.

I can't wait.



I am grateful for this adventure and for all the dreaming that has finally materialized into this very moment.

I am grateful for the wild excitement of children and their questions and wonder in regards to things they will see and experience.

I am grateful I am not pregnant. Let me be clear, there was NO WORRY of this at all.... I am just choosing to find a positive spin to mother natures sick joke that she happened to play on me on the eve of  my special week away to a beach.  (bitch)
Nothing can ever go completely smoothly can it?

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