Friday, January 2

Last Day Here.

Today was our last day here at the lake. I am caravanning back early in the morning with my Brother and Adele. Its going to be a frigging love day, but I am glad we got to spend more time together. We went into Kamloops, went shopping and went to, what I would arguer, was easily the worst movie I have seen in a VERY long time  Into The Woods.... at least the pop corn was good?

I forgot to post pictures from our NYE party, so I included them in this post.

It's a beautiful morning here.

 During my parents party (which was a 50's themed diner) we all had a great time.

My mom did such a great job and worked her A$$ off cooking. 

My brother, and all the other guys dressed like bikers. 

My Brother Dawson and his partner Adele. (I asked what she wanted her title to be and she said "call me his lover" So there you go!) 

After dinner we had a dart and pool tournament, which clearly my grandmother dominated. 


I am grateful for Sleeping in. What a glorious thing sleep is!

I am grateful for proper mincemeat tarts.

I am grateful for my quirky, strange family.


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