Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Every One!!! 

We are having a quiet day here today. Everyone is just lounging around and chatting. Everyone, except my mom, is still in their pyjamas and we are about to start watching a movie. I hope everyone had a nice evening. 

I am so glad I came out here. It is strange to think how upset I was when my mom told me they were going to retire and move away from Strathmoe. I was so selfishly concerned about my feelings, so worried about "what does that mean for me?"....

Funny how now, this feels like home. I am so happy and refreshed here. It's a glorious place!

For New Years we all wrote down something we want for the up coming year on little pieces of paper and burned them. It was my sister in laws idea. So on my paper I wrote happiness. My focus in 2015 will be about choosing happiness, and giving myself permission to be happy. I will no longer allow people a say in my life who do not deserve it, and I will work harder to show my children how to choose happiness.

It's a good thing for me.


I am grateful for days off that allow me time with important people in my live. 

I am grateful for beauty in the world. 

I am grateful for slow days to read, listen to music and walk. 


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