Thursday, June 26


They Won!

Ethan's Lacrosse team, the Parkland Posse Won their league!! They won gold and it was an amazing game. This Lacrosse season has been an amazing, eye opening and pretty interesting experience for us all.

During the game I was so nervous I could have been sick. My hands were shaking and I was so excited for the team.

In the end, I could not have been prouder with how every single one of those kids played. We have met some of the greatest people and this team of Ethan's is full of a great group of guys. Because of how well they played this season, next weekend they go to provincials!


I am grateful for caring parents who do so much for other peoples children.

I am grateful for an exciting finish to this crazy season.

I am grateful for a good bunch of kids my boys have become friends with.