Tuesday, June 24

Sauce Me Mom

I wanted to work out today. I had every intention to do it after work...I swear. But instead I came home and decided maybe I would get back to work (blogging). It has been a while.  I have begun to miss it.

As is tradition here, when the kids and I have a day off together, I make pancakes for special breakfast. This past weekend was time for a special breakfast. It was a low key weekend so it was perfect. 

After I made the pancakes, the boys all sat up to the island to eat.... It's actually not as calm as that last sentence might have lead you to believe. When I make pancakes, or anything for that matter, my children morph into ravinus wild, blood thirsty animals who have not eaten in weeks. It becomes a race and they snarl and grab at whatever food is placed on the table. Often what takes me 30-45 minutes to prepare has vanished within a matter of seconds. True story.

So, not wanting to be left out of the food intake Nora jumps up into her chair and, after grabbing her 2 handfuls of pancakes, just like the boys, she yells, "Sauce me mom".

This little girl makes me smile.  


I am grateful for weekends with my kids. 

I am grateful for days at work where I feel so very very much. 

I am grateful for proper fitting shoes.