Friday, April 18

I Couldn't Write Stuff This Good.

We stepped out of the house for a bit to pick up some Easter things before we leave on our trip down to my parents house for a family dinner.

While we were passing the mailboxes I handed Gabe the keys to the mail box and asked if he could grab the mail. He took the keys, got out and stuck the keys in the lock. Turned the lock, opened the door and then stopped....

Gabe: Mom, is box 13 our box?

Me:'s open, right?

Gabe: Yes, but is it our box? Did I get the right one?

Me: ...yes Gabe, That's the correct mailbox.

*facepalm* ...speechless.


I am grateful for time with my kids this weekend. They are hilarious and always make me laugh.

I am grateful for clean sheets and nice smelling pillows.

I am grateful for fiber.