Thursday, April 17

Western Canada Fashion Week

This season the kids and I were invited to participate in WCFW (western Canada fashion week). I was in the last show they had, but I wanted the kids to get an opportunity to go outside their comfort zone and try something new. I figured it would be a sure thing for Nora, but worried the boys might be the nervous ones. To my surprise it was the opposite. In our pre show walk Nora was the shy one and the boys seemed completely at ease with the whole thing.

My favorite part was the timing of Noras face plant down the slide at school...just days before the show. PERFECT, just what I needed..people thinking I smack my kids.

With a little makeup we were able to calm the black eye down a tad. The night was such a wonderful time!It was fantastic watching the kids come out of they shells a little bit more.

The confidence that my kids got from doing something like this was so gratifying and made me so proud. It's amazing watching these little people grow, they are really becoming cool. This mom gig is pretty awesome.


I am grateful my ex has a great girl friend that I get along with. It's WAY easier to co-parent with her.

I am grateful for this weekend with my family.

I am grateful for opportunities my children have to try new things.