Wednesday, April 16

From Looking Like Bums To Actual Humans

I use to be so good with the small things. I always had every one's dentist appointments booked and marked down. I never forgot a meeting and my children NEVER went more than a month between haircuts. I am not too sure what happened but now I seem to forget things all the know, like haircuts so your kids don't look like feral children who live in the bush.

Good heavens do these children need a haircut!

Better. Sorry guys. I wish I could say that will never happen again..but I would only be lying to myself. Thank you Fusion!! my kids look normal again.


I am grateful food poisoning only lasts a night. Its a LONG and hate filled night. But when the sun comes up the next day, so sort of normalcy is back.

I am grateful to my ex and R for taking the kids last minute so I could be sick without having to parent.

I am grateful for gingerale.