Thursday, February 13

I Am Celebrating V-Day With Wine

This Valentines day I am absolutely being the stereotypical single woman. Single woman pretending to be okay with being alone on this obnoxious day. I just went to a Miles Teller movie at the theater, alone, because I have a huge crush on him. I wore my sweat pants and a baggy sweat shirt there too.

When I left the movie I stopped at the drug store and bought my own heart box of chocolates, did you know I have never gotten a box of chocolates for Valentines day?. I opened the box and took one bite from about a dozen of them and now I feel sick. I am drinking a bottle of red (see how I didn't say glass) and I am writing....

Happy Valentines day!


I am grateful my van is finally fixed.

I am grateful for celebrities who resemble the hot surveying guy I met this past summer from Calgary, so I can unashamedly stare at him for over an hour and it not be considered stalking.

I am grateful this wretched month of February is almost over.