Wednesday, December 17

The Elusive Christmas Spirit

It's only a few more days until Christmas and I am still struggling to feel that warm happiness I remember so vividly as a child. I remember my moms Christmas baking and singing carols at night before bed always made me feel so good.

I remember my aunt always decorated so beautifully and the excitement and anticipation of Santa was intoxicating.

Where does it go as we get older? Why is it so difficult to feel the older we get?

All I feel now is tired, stressed and frustrated. I am counting down the seconds until I get time off and can let my brain and body rest. I just want the return of the excitement one more time. I want to be around happy people who don't yell and I want to have christmas baking on the counter. Lots of Christmas baking...and chocolate.

Growing up is over rated.


I am grateful for small things that make me smile. Like pain meds that will tide me over until my root canal.

I am grateful for date nights.

I am grateful coffee.



Ken said...

You and me both, friend! I miss the excited little faces from when my kids were young. I think that's where the magic hides.

Hate to say it, but I'm hoping grand babies bring it back.

Unknown said...

Well if you're having wonder! That takes away any chance to feel happy!