Saturday, December 20

The Complexities of Christmas Gifts.

For the last few years I have been buying my own gifts for special days like Birthdays and Christmas. Of course my friends got me things, but even before I was divorced I would buy my own gifts and wrap them for Christmas. I am not slagging on anyone, I was just always under the impression I was a challenge to buy for. I didn't think I was that difficult, but clearly, for some, I was. The things I liked were weird and it was complicated finding anything that was good. 

After the divorce I just bought what I needed when I wanted to. The kids, bless them, made me fun things from school. Gifts just change after divorce. 

Well, Jason and I went shopping last night. I am done with Christmas stuff, just a few stocking stuffers remain. While we walked around the mall  I noticed a sale sign in one of my favorite stores. I went in and saw the most beautiful necklace. With out much thought, I just picked it up and went to the till. 

Jason was pacing a little. 

I bought it and walked over to him. He looked concerned. 

"What did you get?' he asked. 
I said, the beautiful silver necklace right there (pointing to the one on the mannequin in the window) 
Jason says to me, "umm what happened to the rule of no buying yourself anything before the holidays?"
Laughingly I responded,'s a great rule but I liked it. 

He just stared at me straight faced. 

Ooh shit! Jason...did you get the necklace for me already?

He continues to stare at me. 

I turned around and returned the necklace. 

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??!!!! How can a man that has known me for such a short time,  comparatively speaking, know me and what I would like so well that not only did he get me something nice..but the EXACT NECKLACE I WANTED??!! 

Sigh...he's a good one. 

Annnd I know what I got for Christmas!


I am grateful for days off to clear my head and sleep in. I slept until after 9 am today!! Nice change from 3 am for the last 2 weeks. 

I am grateful for having friends to laugh with and confide in. I have great friends who I love dearly!

I am grateful for sex. 



Leah M said...

Nicely done Jason!

Ken said...

Didn't I tell you this was going to happen?!? I'm sure if you look back to some long ago post, you'll see that I told you this was going to happen!

Good lord, I'm brilliant! ;)