Thursday, December 11

Singing For Smiles.

Rob and I have been covering a lot of holidays these last few weeks. With the sale of the station almost complete everyone needs to chew up some extra vacs/holidays. It's fun getting to cover day time shows, I enjoy it and provides a new challenge.

One of the things that has become a regular thing (only once a week or so) is an accidental "bit" we now call Joelle-eokie.

It started from Rob catching me singing in the studio and recording it. Which turned into me singing alone karaoke style (terribly I might add) to a song for a laugh and has now triple sow cowed into something people actually tolerate.. I don't get it and fully expect the hate texts that follow every *cough* performance *cough*.

I don't get embarrassed by things like this, well I didn't in the beginning. When we first started doing Joelle-eokie I laughed along with it not thinking it would amount to much. Funny, the more I do it the more embarrassed I get now because I actually think I am getting worse as a singer.

Some of my attempts at song have been to:

Rammsteins Du Hast
99 Red Balloons (in German)
I Dreamed a Dream
Call Me Maybe
Michael Jackson
Sara Bareilles

There have been lots and some have been better than others. Annnnd by better I mean just sucked less.

I have really been confused as to why I still do this week in and week out. I often think about businesses that have our station on, who are innocently going about their days and the poor customers who have to listen/endure it.

Yesterday we did it again. Like always Rob surprises me with the intro (I never know when it's coming) which makes it fun for him, torture for me. I have an anxiety attack waiting to find out what it is I will end up singing moments before I  have to begin.

Today, when Rob flipped his screen towards me and I saw in big bold type WHITNEY HOUSTON and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, I died a little inside.

One of the most Iconic songs of my childhood and I am about to murder it for all to hear.

The second it was all over I became insanely aware at how awful that must have been and I got red faced and sweaty. I hesitated to check the texts regarding the feedback from listeners, having a pretty good idea what to expect.

 Lots of hate, lots of laughing, but then I received one of the most humbling texts ever it reminded me why I love what I do and why I will happily embarrass myself every day until the end of time, for texts like this...

(The text regarding the "Cross" that is meaning the Cross Cancer Institution here in Edmonton)

Our job is to make people smile. To help them get through their days a little lighter then they started it. If anyone who's day involves the Cancer Center, in any capacity, is smiling because of something we do. I'll do it again and again and again...happily.

I also got this text and it made me giggle... if this is true, you need help!


I am grateful for such a fun place to work and wonderful co workers who brighten my days.

I am grateful for the warm weather. It is making the Christmas prep way easier not having to wear loads of winter entire.

I am grateful for sleep. Any and all sleep I get over these two weeks is cherished more than gold. I HATE DOING MORNINGS!!!


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