Tuesday, December 9

Seth and Caine's Arcade.

Seth had been working on this Arcade game at home. He made it out of cardboard and was asking me to go pick up prizes for it. I had no idea what in the world he was talking about or why he was cutting up my recycling and making such a mess, but it was for school, so I didn't argue.

Then, one night Seth sat down and showed me this video of a little boy named Caine and it melted my heart. Seth's teacher at school got the kids to make up their own Arcade to raise money for a local charity.

We went over to see the finished product and to play. It was busy, but Seth and his little buddy were so very very proud.

 The story of Cains arcade.


I am grateful for teachers that help inspire a childs imagination.

I am grateful for this brilliant creature that came to my life. He teaches me so much!

I am grateful for the gift motherhood has been, I am not always great at it, but I love it!


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