Monday, December 29

Off To See The Parentals I Go!

Half of my vacation is done, spending time with the kids and Jason has been fantastic. I have loved every moment of it. Christmas was everything I hoped for.

Now, for the second half of my holiday, I am headed West and am going to spend some time with my parents and my brother. I can hear the lake calling me and I need to get back to zero, recharge my batteries and remind myself what it's all for.  Big changes are ahead and I need to be with my bucket fillers for a few days.

I am going alone, so I am stocking up on some good music right now. I haven't driven this road in the winter, should be exciting! J is letting me use the truck, so I am safer...I am thrilled, his stereo in Sierra (His Truck) is WAY better than mine in Vanjoleena (the name of my van).

It will be fun, and I need to go sleep, cause I leave in a few hours.


I am grateful for lemon water. If you squeeze the juice of 4 lemons into 2 litters of water and drink it in a day...SHOCKING what it does to your body!

I am grateful for travel agents and how much easier they make the process.

I am grateful for leftovers.

Here is some new tunes I found and am loving.

Found This song mash up I Love.

I love these songs right now too.

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