Monday, December 22

Christmas Week Has Begun

This small house is full, to the absolute max, with people. The Children are back home now and Jason and his daughter are here. The kids hated dinner (we went for Chinese food with friends) and I think I was the only one who actually watched the live nativity play we went to after. Everyone else was running around screaming. It was less than reverent and not exactly how I am sure the Nativity is to be experienced.

But that doesn't really matter. It's how we celebrated it. 5 kids and 2 adults now, there needs to be a few compromises made from here on in.

I am excited about the week. I am excited to spend every day together and see how everyone gets along. We have only spent 3 days together in a row, so we will see if we can survive longer....we will either do great or there will be a lot of tears.

I am 2 glasses in to the red wine (FYI) so right now I am doing great.

Just so you have an idea of what it looks like here, my oldest and Jason are playing PS3 soccer right now. Talking smack to each other and jumping and screaming when they score. Their reactions are what I would expect Olympic soccer to be, not the response of an electronic success.

Nora and Seth are sitting on either side of the coffee table playing checkers. Seth is destroying Nora and she is getting annoyed when Seth doesn't make the move she wants.

Jason's Daughter and Gabe are playing Chess right beside Seth and Nora.

...Ethan just jumped up and screamed MOOOOOMMMMM and wanted me to watch the replay of his latest goal.

My house is alive again. The living room is full with everyone and I am at the table just enjoying it all.

We were a very happy house here before these two came, but the house feels different now.

This week will be interesting,  I am really excited to see how we all do.


I am grateful for my dear friend Ken (in a tractor) who told me this was going to happen years ago. ;)

I am grateful for tradition and dear friends.

I am grateful, yet again, for Tinder.


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