Sunday, December 28

Christmas 2014 In The Books.

Another Christmas down. It was a lovely success.

I say success because no one got food poisoning, there was no fighting and no one had to make any emergency trips to the hospital.

I appreciate my standards of success are a little odd, but to me, it was a success.

I did put the turkey in too soon, so our Christmas dinner was more of a fabulous Christmas lunch. Not a huge big deal.
This poor little house was completely busting at the seams and I had to use the deck as a fridge for drinks and some food, but in the next little bit, I will be remedying that as well.

All in all it was nice, very nice.

One of the days we had off we had to do some running around. I am taking the kids on a trip in a few weeks so one of the days we had to go get vaccinations. We are all pretty excited about our upcoming trip, so when we arrived at the travel clinic I was in good spirits. After sitting in the woman's  office listening to her tell me of all the hazards and things that could go wrong, the possible diseases we could get, and the fear of this diarrhea from bad food and water or (my personal favorite) the illness from their mosquito bites that feels like your bones are breaking, my spirits began to contemplate priorities and are not sure this is ideal. 

Yup, that little trip to the travel clinic made me happy to NEVER leave Canada EVER!!
The kids could have cared less, I am not feeling as confident though. We are all needled up with every possible danger and I have a list of things I get to worry about on a daily basis while away. Sunscreen for skin cancer, deet to avoid bug death, hand sanitizer to avoid the titanic shits..


All in all though, our time was relaxing, fun and just what we needed. I hope your was too.


I am grateful for movie days with the kids, where we can bunker down and spend our last day together just hanging out.

I am grateful for dear friends who know me so well and are so supportive.

I am grateful.


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