Tuesday, July 8

Happy 11th Birthday Gabe

My Dear Gabe,

Happy Birthday my young man. I know I always say it, but you are such a delightful child. You light up every room when you enter.

You, dear Gabe, are one of the 4 small (rapidly growing) reasons I get up in the morning. You are a constant breath of fresh air. Your willingness to always help and be there for everyone is something I envy, when I grow up I want to be as loving as you are. You always laugh and have something fun and kind to say. There is a beauty in your smile and a warmth when I am around you. I feel calm when you are near me.

I hope you have the happiest of days. Swimming and playing on the sandy beaches in BC with your uncle and Grandparents. I miss you fiercely today, but I trust the other people who love you will be sure to make your special day wonderful.

Happy Birthday my lovely son.


Look at you now!


I am grateful for everyday I get to be this kids mother.

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