Friday, July 11

I Am Glad I Came In For The Early Meeting.

Wednesday afternoon we all got an e-mail around 5 pm. I didn't even notice it and probably wouldn't have until the next day, but thankfully Rob noticed it and mentioned it while we were doing the drive show.

Sigh... "It says to be here by 9am, why would they have a meeting so early?" Nothing about the request seemed out or the norm, simply inconvenient for me who lives so far out of town, and to be honest, I almost took Rob up on his offer to go as representation for our show so I could sleep in.

I am really glad I didn't.

Yesterday morning a group of us were all standing in a meeting room when the owner or Rawlco Radio told us he had sold his Edmonton stations (and a few more in Sask) to a man named Jim Pattison.

The room was silent.

I wasn't exactly sure what to think or feel. What exactly does this mean? Gord (the owner) opened up the meeting to questions as he always does and people started asking questions I didn't even think of, things I probably should want to know the answers to, but I didn't even know to ask. So all I could do was say it has been a pleasure to work for him, and congrats on your retirement in the least shaky voice I could muster.

The panic set in,  I don't even know what to ask. I have a resume in radio that consists of winning a contest & baking a cake...That's when the wave of nausea hit me, I felt light headed and my hands began to shake.

We were all in meetings throughout the day asking questions and listening to what this means to us, how will this look, what exactly will come of this change. For a happy place that has always felt like family, it was a rather somber environment. I had a crying headache by noon and Rob and I still hadn't discussed what we were going to do on the show yet in a few hours.

I am not exactly sure what all of this will look like, and I don't know what it all means, but I know a lot of the people I have come to know and trust will not be going anywhere, so I feel confident that maybe this wont be as scary as it first did if we are all doing it together.

Yet I still feel sad for some reason.


I am grateful for vacation days that start today. Although I have a pit in the bottom of my stomach, time away with my family and loved ones is exactly what I need. A reminder from the people I love most to not be scared of hard things.

I am grateful for a company that plucked me from obscurity and gave me the opportunity to earn a  living talking and making others laugh.

I am grateful for new adventures.


Sale details here

Wednesday, July 9

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off To Jasper We Go

We got up at "Way Too Early AM" on Monday (around 3) and drove out to Jasper. It was the arranged meeting place my parents and I agreed on where we could swap the kids. My parents wanted to have the children out to their place for a week or so before I come out so they could have time with them without me. I arrive Friday so until then, they get to party with Grandma & Grandpa along with Uncle Dawson and Adele.

Waking up that early is a chore when I am doing it alone, but trying to wake up four kids at 3 am was even more difficult. They knew we had to get up, I had only been prepping them for the last week and yet, when I went into their rooms to help them get up they all started pleading and begging with me, "No mom...PUULEASE....let me sleep in more, while becoming as limp as a cooked noodle" as if I was torturing them for my own enjoyment.

We finally made it out to the car around 3:45am and our journey of a billion miles in a day began. I really enjoy traveling with my children now, the older they get, the more pleasant trips like this are. They all packed a pillow and blanket to make little forts in their spots, and talked and told me stories the entire drive.

One of the traditions my children have come to love over the years is listening to Stuart McLeans Vinyl Cafe stories while we travel. Actually, my kids listen to them at night before they go to bed all year round. Every Christmas I try to pick up a few more of his stories on CD, so by the time summer finally roles around the children have their favorites memorized and they recite them while it's playing in the car.

"It was inevitable that the chocolates came from Mary Turlington......"

And my kids all squeal in anticipation of the hilarity that is moments away.

I love that they, with the exception of Seth, enjoy chatting the entire drive too. Something magical happens on a long drive and late at night to preteens. For some reason this is when they will begin opening up the doors to their little lives and secrets. Late at night can be tricky, I am often tired and want to just say good night, but when I fight through the temptation of that big comfy bed after a long day and give them my attention, my older two will allow me brief glimpses into their lives and share with me details and feelings. Road trips, I have learned, are very similar. I just stay quiet and let them talk. Funny, I wonder where they got their ability to blabber so much?

Like I said, except for Seth,  Seth is quiet and only makes a peep to let me know when he has to pee. But he is the only one that took a few private moments to enjoy the scenery around him when we stopped.

Mondays drive to Jasper was a good one. It felt much faster going there with everyone chatting and listening to stories, then it did on the turn around trip I did alone.

When we arrived in Jasper, we got there before my parents so we had time to kill. So the kids found things to keep them busy and I sat back and watched as their creative minds came up with things to try.

So Mom, we found a stick and a rock and we want to launch things. You cool with that?

Sticks were fun to launch, but then they found a full package of cream cheese and, well, clearly we had to try.

It made a pretty dramatic splash when it hit the ground. The kids cheered like it had won the Olympics.

 They also launched a puck that almost hit a truck, and that's when the fun game came to a sudden end. We walked around Jasper until my parents arrived and we said Good Bye.

The drive home was boring and dull alone. I committed the time to memorizing songs I like and that helped pass the time. Listening to a song on repeat for over an hour is enough to make anyone go crazy. Here is the song I sang for 2 solid hours

Sara Bareilles-King Of Anything

I miss them already.

I am grateful the drive to jasper was uneventful. Friday when I drove into work my tire blew on the highway and I ended up having to  get 2 new tires..I can't help but be so thankful it happened Friday near the city and not Monday with the kids at 3 am.

I am grateful it's only 2 more days until I get to be out at the lake and playing with everyone too.

I am grateful for family and how magical they make my kids summer.


Tuesday, July 8

Happy 11th Birthday Gabe

My Dear Gabe,

Happy Birthday my young man. I know I always say it, but you are such a delightful child. You light up every room when you enter.

You, dear Gabe, are one of the 4 small (rapidly growing) reasons I get up in the morning. You are a constant breath of fresh air. Your willingness to always help and be there for everyone is something I envy, when I grow up I want to be as loving as you are. You always laugh and have something fun and kind to say. There is a beauty in your smile and a warmth when I am around you. I feel calm when you are near me.

I hope you have the happiest of days. Swimming and playing on the sandy beaches in BC with your uncle and Grandparents. I miss you fiercely today, but I trust the other people who love you will be sure to make your special day wonderful.

Happy Birthday my lovely son.


Look at you now!


I am grateful for everyday I get to be this kids mother.