Monday, June 23

I Am Melting Here

My house is as hot as hell right now. I am not meaning figuratively, I am being quite literal here. It is so hot that my butter in my butter dish is melted and the wax I have upstairs for the unsightly hair that now grows in shockingly random places now that I am in my 30's is too runny to use.

Literally, my house is as hot as hell.

I am loving this summer so far though. School is out at the end of this week, and I am looking forward to late nights with the kids and enjoying BC with them. We have a family wedding in a few weeks that we are all excited about. It will be a nice summer.


I am grateful for fans that work and do a mediocre job of cooling down my house in the hot summer months.

I am grateful for the new tube of tooth paste.

I am grateful for how lovely my yard looks.


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Mary's Thoughts said...

I know a great residential heating/cooling company that could solve your hot house problem with A/C.