Monday, April 14

The Music Of Phillip Phillips

A few weeks ago at work Phillip Phillips came into the station to do an interview with Adam.

Before I get into the interview and meeting him I need to explain something... I am NOT cool!
I am in no way desensitized to this industry yet and meeting artists is still a really big deal, especially when I really like them. I think my boss and Rob wish I would hurry up and become more comfortable with the famous people that stop by but I'm not. I still get excited when I hear someone is stopping by and I still act like a total creep when they come. I get quiet and nervous and have a hard time talking to them.

I feel bad for the people I work with, I wish I could be cooler, but alas I am not!

Now, to be clear, I am not a weirdo EVERY TIME. It's only when I really like the artist. Phillip Phillips falls smack dab in the middle of that category. Not only is he unbelievably talented, He is also super handsome. I watched this guy for weeks and weeks on TV while he preformed on American I get to meet him. Ooh yeah..there was no hope for me here, I was a total idiot!  One day I hope to get over this problem enough to be able to interview people, but until that day comes I'm going to be keep being a Grade A weirdo!

The best part about this visit was the listeners that also got to meet him. There was a young woman named Megan.  Her family, unbeknownst to her, contacted the station to meet him. Megan is wheelchair bound and was told by her mom that she was going to the doctors. When they wheeled her into the studio...her reaction was priceless. She screamed the way we all wanted to. It was awesome.

Raging Fire is the song he played for us.


 I am grateful for the weather and how much nicer its getting.

I am grateful for conditioner that smells wonderful every time I move my head back and forth.

I am grateful for phone calls with my mom.



Ken said...

um.....3rd picture! Ya, you're pretty cool. :)

Leah M said...

LOVE Phillip Phillips!! I don't blame you at all for the uncoolness at all!
PS I miss NOW radio! Absolutely nothing good on the radio out here!

RobbieD said...

He's stupid handsome and I've really come to love his music!! The interview was great :) are beautiful!Stunning smile!