Monday, April 21

Music Monday Brandi Carlile

After work last Friday, my coworker Amanda asked if I had plans.! I never have plans, which is helpful for situations like these yet slightly depressing in every other way.

Well, Amanda had tickets to see Brandi Carlile who was playing at the Winspear with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. The ticket was intended for her sister, but lucky for me she ended up "with child" and feeling all pregnant-ish...Yahoo..So I got to go! What a fantastic show! I prefer musical numbers playing smaller venues. It was wonderful, she is a very talented woman.

When we left the Winspear it was so pretty to see all the lights in the trees across the street. I love going downtown at night.


I am grateful the kids are getting older and more trustworthy.

I am grateful for the warm sun.

I am grateful for thoughtful friends who love to share music like I do.


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