Monday, April 21

Music Monday Brandi Carlile

After work last Friday, my coworker Amanda asked if I had plans.! I never have plans, which is helpful for situations like these yet slightly depressing in every other way.

Well, Amanda had tickets to see Brandi Carlile who was playing at the Winspear with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. The ticket was intended for her sister, but lucky for me she ended up "with child" and feeling all pregnant-ish...Yahoo..So I got to go! What a fantastic show! I prefer musical numbers playing smaller venues. It was wonderful, she is a very talented woman.

When we left the Winspear it was so pretty to see all the lights in the trees across the street. I love going downtown at night.


I am grateful the kids are getting older and more trustworthy.

I am grateful for the warm sun.

I am grateful for thoughtful friends who love to share music like I do.


Friday, April 18

I Couldn't Write Stuff This Good.

We stepped out of the house for a bit to pick up some Easter things before we leave on our trip down to my parents house for a family dinner.

While we were passing the mailboxes I handed Gabe the keys to the mail box and asked if he could grab the mail. He took the keys, got out and stuck the keys in the lock. Turned the lock, opened the door and then stopped....

Gabe: Mom, is box 13 our box?

Me:'s open, right?

Gabe: Yes, but is it our box? Did I get the right one?

Me: ...yes Gabe, That's the correct mailbox.

*facepalm* ...speechless.


I am grateful for time with my kids this weekend. They are hilarious and always make me laugh.

I am grateful for clean sheets and nice smelling pillows.

I am grateful for fiber.


Thursday, April 17

Western Canada Fashion Week

This season the kids and I were invited to participate in WCFW (western Canada fashion week). I was in the last show they had, but I wanted the kids to get an opportunity to go outside their comfort zone and try something new. I figured it would be a sure thing for Nora, but worried the boys might be the nervous ones. To my surprise it was the opposite. In our pre show walk Nora was the shy one and the boys seemed completely at ease with the whole thing.

My favorite part was the timing of Noras face plant down the slide at school...just days before the show. PERFECT, just what I needed..people thinking I smack my kids.

With a little makeup we were able to calm the black eye down a tad. The night was such a wonderful time!It was fantastic watching the kids come out of they shells a little bit more.

The confidence that my kids got from doing something like this was so gratifying and made me so proud. It's amazing watching these little people grow, they are really becoming cool. This mom gig is pretty awesome.


I am grateful my ex has a great girl friend that I get along with. It's WAY easier to co-parent with her.

I am grateful for this weekend with my family.

I am grateful for opportunities my children have to try new things.


Wednesday, April 16

From Looking Like Bums To Actual Humans

I use to be so good with the small things. I always had every one's dentist appointments booked and marked down. I never forgot a meeting and my children NEVER went more than a month between haircuts. I am not too sure what happened but now I seem to forget things all the know, like haircuts so your kids don't look like feral children who live in the bush.

Good heavens do these children need a haircut!

Better. Sorry guys. I wish I could say that will never happen again..but I would only be lying to myself. Thank you Fusion!! my kids look normal again.


I am grateful food poisoning only lasts a night. Its a LONG and hate filled night. But when the sun comes up the next day, so sort of normalcy is back.

I am grateful to my ex and R for taking the kids last minute so I could be sick without having to parent.

I am grateful for gingerale.


Tuesday, April 15

The Boys Eye For Detail

One of the many jobs around the house the boys are responsible for is doing the dishes. Loading the dishwasher and unloading it when it's full. It's always an adventure when I try to find something I need after they have put the dishes away. Things that have been in the same spot for almost 5 years are now relocated to new spots. It drives me nuts!

The other day when I was looking in the dishwasher for my clean mug, I noticed this mess of dishes but one looked exceptionally off....

Washing a container without taking the lid off...almost boys, almost!


I am grateful I get my van back today!

I am grateful for the sleep I got last night.

I am grateful I get to see my parents this weekend.