Tuesday, March 11

Watching Strangers Kiss

I was browsing Facebook and stumbled on this video. I have now watched it half a dozen times and I am still getting chills. Kissing itself is a simplistic act, yet so much can be relayed through it. Kissing is beautiful  and fun. I think sometimes the older we get and the longer we are with someone we forget how enjoyable kissing is and can be.

The excitement and raw animal magnetism that came out in this video was a nice reminder that we are, at a basic level, still very much animals. Reminding me that sometimes less is more.

I think my favorite part of this video is right before their trance is broken and when they remember they are not alone and the giggling and situational awareness returns, the moment right before when they are still completely lost and caught up in each other. That's my favorite part. The music and the fact they are all ridiculously attractive doesn't hurt either.




I am grateful for sleeping in.

I am grateful for the warm weather and summer-ish music.

I am grateful for kisses. Good, long and exciting kisses.


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Sully said...

I completely agree with you about this video, it's amazing the little things we take for granted as we get older. Watching this reminded me of being a kid again and how awkward but exciting that first kiss was. It would be something amazing indeed to have that feeling all the time.