Tuesday, February 4

Top 10 Things I'd Rather Not Have Done Today.

The top 10 things I could have done without today:

10. The temperature. This cold weather is getting on my nerves. It makes my skin hurt and I hate how cold my old house feels when you walk by a window or the door and a blast of freezing cold air hits you.

9.Running out of both coffee and tea and having nothing for the morning.  Sigh...I should have checked.

8. The kids dentist appointment today. Although I love my family dentist so very much, I hate getting up early and having to hurry up to just wait.

7.  Fighting with my ex all day via text.

6. Having put dinner in the crock pot early in the morning thinking I'll be so prepared for the kids and the sitter when I go to work tonight...but it taking a lot less time to cook then I thought. So dinner was done before school even ended. Dinner was over cooked and not very good. Sigh

5. My flat tire that I only found out about because a woman came and tapped on my window while I dropped off the kids at school after the dentist. I had driven on it all morning.

4. Not having showered yet before I had to go to the tire repair shop to wait for them to fix my tire. (As a side note I have been to this tire shop twice already this week to get this EXACT tire looked at because it keeps loosing air and both times they told me it was fine). 

3. Have to wait in the tire shop beside a man who had his dog with him...which, on its own wasn't a bother. But the dogie POOP bag that he had beside his chair from the walk he had clearly just taken the dog on and picked up what the dog dropped, and KEPT IT to throw away at a different place?? I could smell it...it was delightful. 

2. My nanny having the flu, poor thing was so sick I had to scramble to find someone else last minute. 

1. Being asked by a guy if I was taking a "break from dating" because I cut my hair short and was clearly not trying to attract anyone with how it looks now. 

Sigh....all I can do is laugh! 


I am grateful days like this don't come all that often. 



Natasha Clark said...

Oh my hell. You deserve a drink and a massage.

Leah M said...

Yeah, really glad days like this don't come around very often! Ugh! You.need a holiday ;-)

Unknown said...

If you really want that tire fixed, let me know. No charge.