Tuesday, February 25

Tisk Tisk Arizona.

I was having a nice afternoon, I had some things to do this morning and then an appointment. I came home, had a nap and ate lunch... I then made the mistake of reading some news and stumbled on this and now I am so angry I could cry.

Arizona Boycott.

How have we gone so backwards in human rights? It was not that long ago that people were being hung from trees in the United States for the colour of their skin, something that can not be changed even if anyone wanted to. Why do people care so much about who other people want to love? It is just as unchangeable. I wish I could have controlled who I have fallen in love with over the years. I assure you the amount of heartbreaks would have been a bare minimum if I could have. But you can't control those things.

I am baffled and broken hearted that  people still, in 2014, feel there is a superior position to be in when it comes to the human race. I don't have a vast amount of gay or lesbian friends, but I have a few. Wanna know something crazy..they are some of the kindest people I know. They work hard, love each other deeply and live by a rule of giving more than they take. They are great to their children and generous to others.

Wanna know who else I know. Heterosexual people who are complete assholes. I know ones (who I am not friends with, I only know through volunteer positions I have served in with youth and young children) who are godawful parents, who only think of themselves when it comes to their kids. I know men who hit their wives and cheat on them regularly. I know women who neglect their children and are awful to others.

Why would they be served in these Arizona stores yet my two friends who happen to be women who love each other not be? I am saddened and disgusted that we are still fighting this fight.

I am in charge of 4 young children and I promise they will not be raised to believe such things about others. They will take less then they give and they will believe, and do believe, that all people are equal. How can this be allowed? How can this all be under the umbrella of "Gods Will?"

I don't know God, I have never met him. I have had numerous one sided conversations with him on many occasions in my life. From my experience he is not a big talker, how can people believe this is his will? I had spent over 10 years of my life trying to communicate with him and not once did I ever get any sort of explicit instructions about anything let alone how detailed my hate should be towards a certain group of people.

We can do better than this. We have to do better than this.

I am disgusted with you Arizona. Completely and entirely.



I am grateful I have children. I wish I had more..so I can teach them how to love others and when I am dead they can make the world a better place for everyone. Why are the loudest voices always the dumbest?

I am grateful for the second nap I am going to take before work so I can cool off.

I am grateful for the belief I have that the good will always win over the evil. Hate will never win over Love and it will always get better.

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